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 HuddleBioHuddle TotalStatusPosition 
ZFC Founders HuddleThe secret to success ...1743.41Public1
Best Buddies 1688.13Private2
Football Junkies 1681.95Private3
Big MoneyEveryone starts off wi...1563.85Private4
Henderson HuddleA collection of the be...1526.94Private5
Discount Double Check 1520.47Private6
West Seneca West BoyzWe are the proud West ...1124.74Public7
Team Eleanor 899.13Public8
Elite 11 895.52Private9
888 Elite 895.52Private9
Elite Eleven 895.52Private9
Walk-Ons 895.52Private9
CSU Wildcats 895.52Private9
ZFC All-StarzIm hand selecting ZFC ...724.09Public10
UNLV Runnin Rebels 722.93Public11
Rookies 706.51Private12
ZFHThe ZFH is the Zapp Fa...623.86Private13
The Magnificent Eleven 568.00Private14
The Legends 568.00Private14
The Wretched Refuse 568.00Private14
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